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Vital Link – Social Media Questionnaire

Important Social Media Questions

This is an extensive, all-inclusive list of questions you should ask yourself regarding your social media strategy. Some questions are more relevant to your business than others. Consider each one thoughtfully and skip those that aren’t relevant. If you skip it, take a moment to jot down why.

1. What is your purpose on social media?
2. What is your brand’s objective?
3. What do you hope to achieve using social media? How will you know you’ve achieved it?
4. What’s the biggest barrier to your success on social media?
5. How does social media fit into your growth plan?
6. Describe your target audience. Who are they?
7. What social platforms do they use?
8. What issues matter to them?
9. How does your brand engage them?
10. What social listening have you done? What does your audience say about you?
11. Who else (brands/celebrities/people) does your audience engage with?
12. Describe your brand voice.
13. What tone should social media updates have?
14. What is the main message your brand is trying to communicate?
15. What makes your brand different from others?
16. Why do people choose you over your competitors?
17. What’s your brand vision?
18. What resources do you have available for content creation?
19. What is your workflow process for content from inception to publication?
20. What sign-offs do you require?
21. How often do you want to publish new content to your profiles?
22. How does social media tie in with your offline campaigns?
23. What type of content does your audience respond to best (if known)?
24. What type of content do you want to create for your audience (images, video, quotes, blog posts, etc.)?
25. What message are you trying to send with your content?
26. How do you use user-generated content in your campaigns?
27. What holidays do you want to observe?
28. What profiles do you have and on which networks?
29. Are you looking to expand onto new networks?
30. Are you looking to narrow your focus to fewer networks?
31. Do you want to provide customer service on social media? If so, on which platform and from which profile?
32. What tools have you used to manage your social media profiles until now?
33. How do you intend to measure return on investment?
34. What is working for you (and not working) right now?
35. How does social media fit into your sales funnel or buyer’s journey?
36. What have you tried in the past?
37. Have you got any tracking pixels installed on your site?
38. What do you expect from us as your account manager?
39. What reports do you want to see and how often?
40. Who is the person we should contact?
41. How much oversight and control do you want to have?
42. How much input do you want to have into campaigns?

Be Relevant

You are a Vital Link, but do your current and future customers know it?  Build your brand, stay top-of-mind, and dominate your competition by sharing relevant news, knowledge, and experience across multiple channels.

Be Comprehensive

Getting results from your digital marketing efforts requires a comprehensive approach that includes smart website design, optimized search engine rankings, high-performance online advertising, effective social media, fresh digital content, and, ultimately, successful conversion. 

Be Consistent

Digital Marketing is not a one-and-done exercise.  Consistent, intentional effort over time can produce compounded returns on your investment.  Don’t give up early.

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