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Medical Supply Distributor Products


IMCO partners strategically with medical product manufacturers to provide our medical distributor Members with the best combination of pricing, terms, support and promotions.

IMCO negotiates collectively for all markets and regions across the country, and our Medical Supply Distribution Program allows Members to secure additional concessions in special instances where there is a committed or high volume through local or regional contracts.

IMCO represents over 161 manufacturers, as well as the exclusive IMCO Brand, which offers high-quality and high-value on commodity products. With over 125 products, the IMCO Brand allows each Member to offer providers a cost effective alternative to the name brand equivalents.

Master Distribution

Creating direct relationships with Vendors is our goal for all Members. However, where that may not be an option due to high minimums, IMCO’s Master Distribution Program provides an excellent avenue to product sourcing. Members can access product from a variety of manufacturers at competitive prices in minimal volumes through our distribution partners.

There is no minimum order size associated with our Medical Supply Distribution Program, and there are twelve locations nationwide to allow for faster shipping times to Member distributors–or customer drop ships–all over the country.