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Independent Distributors as Partners vs. Source for Product 

Independent Distributors as Partners vs. Source for Product 

The allure of buying directly from manufacturers may be enticing, but eliminating the independent medical distributor could potentially harm your business and defeat the purpose.   By offering a wide variety of goods from various manufacturers, Independent Distributors offer you access without the challenges of buying direct and meeting each manufacturer’s order requirements, while remaining nimble enough to meet your needs.  The independent distributor has the advantage of being able to address your specific product and service needs without the bureaucracy and constraints inherent with the national distributors.

Many independent distributors also provide additional services outside the traditional scope such as interior design solutions, customization, and consulting, all focused on being your partner for success, easing the burden of medical practices and facilities alike. Smaller regional medical distribution companies are also uniquely able to serve independent health providers focused on specific geographic or product-focused markets.

Efficient Delivery Programs

While delivering a package from point A to point B is shared by all distributors, the independent distributor has the advantage of adjusting to meet a customer’s unique needs and requests, whether time/day of delivery, enhanced service options, or specific product requirements.  By offering daily direct shipment of products to their customers, distributors have helped make acquisition of medical supplies much more efficient. This allows health providers to move away from self-warehousing, which saves them time and money. With reliable and timely delivery of a large selection of products from a variety of manufacturers, medical staff are able to focus on serving their patients and customers without having to process shipments from multiple manufacturers.

At IMCO, we recognize the critical role independent medical distributors play in the medical supply chain, and we’re here to offer a support system to help you keep doing what you’re doing seamlessly and efficiently, while remaining competitive in an ever changing market. If you’re not already a member of our network, contact IMCO today to learn more about how we can assist you in sustaining and growing your business.