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How to Remain “Essential” Post-Pandemic

Essential Post-Pandemic

The services an Independent Medical Distributor provides to their customers and manufacturing partners are more vital than ever.  The current crisis proves that you are a Vital Link in the healthcare supply chain.  While the rest of the country and world seem to be shutting down, your services are deemed “essential”.  But, will you remain “essential” and relevant post-pandemic?

A casualty of this crisis so far has been the personal contact which independent medical reps uniquely offer to their customers.  In this age of Amazon and buying direct, independent reps like yourself still offer something different, something personal, and tailored to your customer’s needs.

The long-term effects of this crisis are still unknown.  Will reps be as welcome in hospitals and doctor’s offices?  All we know for certain is that your profession (and many others) will likely change.  As we come out of this crisis, you need to ensure that you are as visible as possible to your current and potential customers.  You’re up against big online and multi-national distributors … traditional market borders are blurred or completely gone.  Having a strong digital marketing strategy will be more important than ever.

Digital Marketing ServicesWe’ve created a new offering that we had planned to introduce at this year’s convention:  Vital Link Digital Marketing Services.  In this digital age, it takes more than a website and some online products to be successful.  We’re now offering a suite of products to help you stand out from the competition and be truly “seen” online and serve your customers in new ways.  Services include: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Blog Writing, Website Development, E-Commerce, Digital Advertising, and more.

We’ve been helping the Independent Medical Distributor succeed in this competitive market for almost 40 years, and we’re ready to serve our members in new ways.  If you’re already a member, contact us at VitalLink@imcoinc.com to set up a discovery call to see how we can help.  We’ll set you up with a free Vital Link Social Dashboard and a snapshot report of your digital activity. You can also visit https://imcoinc.com/vital-link to see an overview of the program.

If you’re not yet a member of the IMCO network, please contact us HERE to discuss the benefits.

As always … thank you for being the Vital Link.