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E-Commerce and Technology Solutions

E-Commerce & Technology Solutions

IMCO offers an e-commerce platform specifically designed to meet the needs of our member distributors.


Three solutions to suit your needs


A user-friendly B2B e-commerce solution that is fast, searchable, search-engine optimized, and mobile friendly.  The basic solution is pre-populated with 2,500 SKUs preselected by IMCO*.

*product updates available for add’l fee


The advanced solution includes everything provided in the basic solution and access to IMCO’s library of 75,000 SKUs with perpetual updates – you choose which SKUs to use.


The custom solution includes everything provided in the advanced solution plus custom functionality to meet the needs specific to your business such as API integrations and other requirements.


I already have a website for my business. Can IMCO’s E-Commerce solution help me?

Yes! We have been working hard to collect an extensive set of rich product data. You can still hook up to this data and receive updates even if you don’t need a new website. This will have a small cost associated with it.

Will I be able to use my current website name?

Yes! We can use your domain and make this your new website, or we can make it a subdomain (ecommerce.yourdomain.com).

I carry many non-IMCO items. Can I integrate them into this E-Commerce solution?

Yes! With the Advanced option you can integrate as many of you own items as you want into this site. With the Basic option you can add up to 500 of your own custom items.

Does this include technical support?

This includes all the information and training you’ll need to get up and running. If your site experiences any unexpected technical difficulties, we will get it back up and running as part of your monthly fees. For other technical support, there will be some additional costs.

If I purchase the Basic option, do I get product updates?

You can pay to get product updates with the Basic option, but they are not included in the base cost.

I don’t carry 75,000 items. Does this mean I don’t need the advanced solution?

You have the flexibility to pick only the items you carry currently. Over time, you can easily add more items to your inventory. We will be constantly adding more items and expect to have 100s of thousands of items in the future. This gives you the flexibility to grow your offerings at your pace without having to devote large amounts of resources to add them to your E-Commerce store.

What products are included in the 2,500 items in the Basic option?

The Basic option will include many of our most popular products across a wide array of Manufacturers and product categories that we feel will be the most useful to as many Members as possible.